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  • 25th Feb 2014 Is Facebook Causing Divorces?

    Is Facebook Causing Divorces?

    Facebook and Divorce In addition to its effect on many other parts of our daily lives, Facebook now appears to be taking over even our divorces.  Over 30 percent of divorce pleadings now contain the word “Facebook.”  What’s going on here?  Are we so attached to Facebook that we can’t imagine completing a task without it?  (I recently saw an online legal question-and-answer session in which a woman asked whether she could serve her husband with divorce papers via Facebook.  The answer, should you be wondering, is no.)  Or, is our increased use of social media somehow causing divorce? This …

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  • 24th Jan 2014 Holidy Custody Battles

    Holidy Custody Battles

    Keeping the Peace: Holiday Custody Battles 101 A child custody proceeding can be a lengthy affair even when the parties involved are relatively amicable towards each other.  When they’re not so amicable, “lengthy” can quickly extend to a “War and Peace” level.  And it’s not just the official legal proceedings that can drag on and on; once the court orders are made, there’s still the process of getting both you and your ex to go along with the new custody and visitation routine that has been decided on. This routine often goes in for an extra layer of contention around …

    The post Holidy Custody Battles appeared first on Family Law Attorneys in Minnesota.

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