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Worthington is a peaceful small town with about a population of approximately 13,000. Located in the Southwest corner of Minnesota, Worthington is home to research companies and several manufacturing, processing and shipping companies. Worthington also has a strong school system and technical college, two clinics, and a hospital.

As with any town in Minnesota and across the United States, individuals and families are faced with unexpected legal problems. Families may need help with a divorce or child custody dispute. An individual may be charged with a crime and need help defending criminal charges. Or, a worker may suffer an injury at work and may need workers’ compensation to help pay for medical expenses and lost wages. The Worthington attorneys at the Rosengren Kohlmeyer Law Office can help individuals and families with legal issues involving family law, criminal defense and workers’ compensation.

Criminal Defense Legal Services

Our attorneys understand that sometimes individuals are faced with criminal charges that can seriously impact one’s personal and professional life. For these reasons, criminal charges should not be taken lightly. At the Rosengren Kohlmeyer Law Office, our criminal defense attorneys will vigorously defend you against criminal charges including either obtaining a not guilty verdict, getting the charges dismissed or minimizing the effects of a charge.

Our Worthington criminal defense attorneys provide a variety of legal services, including defending assault and battery charges, stalking crimes, driver’s license revocation defense/CDL protection, DWI/DUI charges, and more.

Family Law Services

Our attorneys recognize that family disputes can have serious consequences for you and your family. As such, our family law attorneys want to work closely with you to make sure that you and your family are protected now and in the future. Our Worthington family attorneys provide comprehensive legal services in a variety of issues affecting families, including child custody and visitation; divorce, dissolution, and annulment proceedings; spousal support/alimony; and marital property division.

Workers’ Compensation Legal Services

Finally, if you have been injured at work, our workers’ compensation attorneys can help you collect workers’ compensation benefits to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. Our Worthington workers’ compensation attorneys will help you throughout the entire process to make sure that you receive the benefits that you are legally entitled to receive.

Contact the Worthington Lawyers at the Rosengren Kohlmeyer Law Office

If you or a loved one needs legal services relating to workers’ compensation, family law, or criminal defense, the experienced Worthington attorneys at the Rosengren Kohlmeyer Law Office can help.

Contact one of our experienced Worthington lawyers today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. You can call us at (507) 625-5000 or visit with one of our attorneys at 150 St. Andrews Court, Suite 110, in Mankato.

Meet Your Worthington Lawyers

Our team provides exceptional representation based on our commitment to solve legal problems for our clients. Whether you are dealing with family law, criminal defense, bankruptcy or workers’ compensation issues, we can help. With more than 30 combined years of experience, two of our attorneys have worked as prosecutors — a great benefit for our criminal defense practice.

The Rosengren Kohlmeyer Law Office has received many accolades indicative of their talent and commitment to high quality legal representation. Several of our attorneys speak nationally and internationally about criminal defense and family law.

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I contacted Tom Hagen for a DWI charge, I was extremely impressed with Mr. Hagen, he knows his stuff, he's patient and made sure that I understood what was going on. He set me up with an amazing plea agreement and helped me out more than I was expecting. If you are looking for a good lawyer, I would highly recommend looking into this office.

Alexis U, DWI Client

This law office was very helpful and informative on helping me complete a settlement with my previous employer. Every time I called or emailed I was responded very promptly that same day. I also never felt pushed aside or that my case didn't matter, considering my case was small in comparison. I was highly recommended to them and will be giving the same recommendations.

Jessica Sambrano, Client